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Learn all there is to know about the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI,
the technical and non-technical solutions for AI Fairness, the upcoming AI Act and AI Treaty and much more…


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Responsible AI - an introduction

What is Responsible AI? This introduction delves into the ethical, legal, societal and technical dimensions of Responsible AI.

European AI Act - an introduction

The European AI Act is the first horizontal AI regulation AI in the world. Get an introduction about its status, workings and implications.

AI & Human Rights, Democracy, Rule of Law

The Council of Europe is negotiating an AI Convention to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law. An introduction.

AI Fairness, a holistic appraoch

AI Fairness needs a technical, legal, ethical and social approach. This course introduces the relevant aspects from these dimensions.

Build the best
Responsible AI

Learn from the best and brightest Responsible AI professionals in the field. Our course instructors have unique backgrounds and exceptional knowledge on multiple topics such as AI, ethics, regulation, human rights, international policy, socio-technical systems and more.

They come from renowned institutes such as Umeå University, the University of Bologna, the Council of Europe, the EU High Level Expert Group on AI and ALLAI. 

The knowledge that you will gain is always up to date and consists of the latest insights on technical, legal, and policy developments around AI.

Our instructors participate in fora such as the UN Advisory Body on AI, the Council of Europe’s Committee on AI and the Global Partnership on AI.

You will gain knowledge of Responsible AI that goes well beyond the basics. Through in-depth analyses and practical exercises you will gain a deep understanding of the various elements of Responsible AI, and learn how to bring these in practice.


Meet your instructors

Catelijne Muller
President ALLAI

Expert in Responsible AI, International AI Policy & Regulation, AI Act, AI Convention, High Level Expert Group on AI, OECD Expert Group on AI Incidents.

Jan Kleijssen
Advisor ALLAI

Expert in AI & Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, International Governance of AI, former Director Council of Europe.

Virginia Dignum
Prof. Ethical and Social AI

AI scientist, expert in Responsible AI, AI ethics and society, UN Advisory Body on AI, High Level Expert Group on AI, Global Partnership on AI.

Roberta Calegari
Assist. Professor AI

AI scientist, explainable and trustworthy AI, symbolic AI, AI fairness, knowledge representation and reasoning in AI.

Muriel Popa-Fabre
NLP and neuroscience expert

Expert in AI (NLP) and cognitive neuroscience, advisor to the Council of Europe on AI, Human Rights and neurorights.